Since I left Chicago I have spent far more time in the air than I would have expected. For starters, I spent a decent amount of time making my way from Chicago to Miami. Another decent chunk of time was spent going from Miami to San Jose. Bonus: We spent extra time waiting on the plane to be cleared to fly over Cube. But that was all very expected, minus the Cuba delay. But there has been so much more ‘up in the air’ then just a flight or two. For starters within less than a month I’ve gone zip lining, and went parasailing.up in the

So my first full weekend in Costa Rica I was able to go to the Cloud Forrest and see a stunning waterfall, jump in the hot springs and go zip lining. Seeing a waterfall in person is so much more amazing than just looking a picture. Pictures really do no justice to the beauty of Costa Rica. And the hot springs were quite different than I had thought. Here I assumed I’d be walking through a forest looking for warm water, but really we went to a luxurious resort and enjoyed some time to relax in water warmed but mother earth. But the highlight of the weekend was zip lining without a doubt. We arrived at the longest zip line in Latin America, got strapped up and went through a quick training session of how to stop and position your body. As we climbed up the first line I was a bit nervous about stopping myself but all went well. And as I sailed through the air I couldn’t help but look down in awe of the breathtaking view I was soaring through.

The next weekend my trend of staying up in the air continued. We went to beaches, saw a sloth and witnessed a raccoon steal an entire loaf of bread. But the most remarkable part of the weekend adventure happened to come out of nowhere. Having no intention of going anywhere that morning a few of my friends asked if I’d like to go parasailing with them. Obviously I couldn’t refuse. So I ditched my plan to relax and we made our way to the beach where within a few hours we were again donning harnesses, and this time a life jacket too. With a few running steps and a jump, we were in the air. Tranquillo. It was the most incredible experience, and unforgettable sights. With a splash we were back in the water.

As you can see, I’ve had quite a lot of time in the air. And this may be a un in the2good time to mention I’m scared of heights. But even with a fear I was able to experience unforgettable moments. And that goes for a lot of experiences here. I didn’t know the culture; I was ‘up in the air’ but I kept going. No regrets, only a full acceptance of being ‘up in the air’

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