In the short two months that I have been in San Jose, I have witnessed stray dogs roaming the streets in almost every neighborhood I have traveled. The strays here are not like the ones in the United States. Here, they are extremely friendly and really just want someone to pay attention to them. The more I saw them, the more I wanted to do something to help them. A non-profit organization located in Alajuela, Costa Rica (about an hour out of San Jose) already had a great idea to help the situation. The organization is called “Territorio de Zaguates.” It is a huge property where over 700 stray dogs live, eat, and play amongst each other. I spoke with the owner during my time there and she told me that she inherited the land and decided to help the strays of Costa Rica.


The non-profit organization simply functions off of donations from the public. These donations are often given when people participate in the hikes with the dogs. The hikes on the property are beautiful. They are up rigorous hills and past small streams all while the dogs are running along the side of guests. I definitely recommend visiting and donating to the rescue park because it is such a fun (as you can see in the photo) and enlightening experience.

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