A couple of weeks back we were fortunate enough to go visit Manuel Antonio National Park, I must say that I fell in love! I had heard some amazing things about it, but everything that I had previously heard fell short. That place is beyond beautiful, the animals, the beach, the weather, our hotel, everything was simply amazing. We got to see both two and three toed sloths, a baby sloth, monkeys, bats, and raccoons going through peoples bags. If it would’ve been up to me I would’ve stayed at the parks beach, those were my favorite. Once we got to the public beach there was a guy doing sand sculptures, which I thought was pretty cool. Then right about when. the sun was setting a friend and I decided to do parasailing, I was a bit scared but once I was at the top the view made up for it. These are just some of the main reasons why this place most definitely became one of my top three favorite places here in Costa Rica.


This country has a way of surprising you, while being there Luis from Tico Viajero took us to


Playa Nahomi. Before getting there I had never even heard of this place and as soon as we got there I didn’t understand why. This place was beautiful, it was the perfect spot to relax and watch a sunset. We were there for about an hour which wasn’t enough time for me, this place was about 15-20 minutes away from the national park which isn’t that far. Both Manuel Antonio and Playa Nahomi are a ‘must go to’ places. I cant wait to go back and spend more than one hour in that beautiful place. Just like the national park, Playa Nahomi became one of my top three favorites.

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