When I arrived to Costa Rica the two main things I heard from other students were, “do not flush the toilet paper and go to Bocas Del Toro.” When I first heard their recommendation on going to bigdeal1Bocas Del Toro, Panama, I pretty much disregarded it because I was already in a beautiful country. Had my program not included a trip to Panama because I had to leave the country before my 90 days on my passport had ended then I probably would not have had this amazing opportunity. Upon crossing the border into Panama, it looked nothing like Costa Rica. The people there were not very friendly and it just did not look like a happy place. Our driver drove us 40 minutes to where we got onto a boat for another 40 minutes. Everything in Bocas was by boat (the left photo was taken while on a boat)! When we arrived at the island Colón, it was an entirely different experience. bigdeal2It was a beautiful and happy little island. As soon as I got off of the boat I saw my first starfish in the crystal clear water. On the next day we were scheduled to go on a dolphin tour and then go to “Star fish beach.” I have never seen a dolphin before so when I witnessed about ten of them, I was ecstatic. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen! Once we got to the beach I saw around seven starfish (that is me in the photo holding one). They were gorgeous creatures and I was surrounded by them! The following day, my group went to “Red Frog beach.” We did not see any frogs but it was still a beautiful and clear water beach. The clear water and sea creatures that are seen in Panama are like things off of movies. Also, in Bocas, almost all of the restaurants are on the water. Almost the entire time on the island is spent near the clear water. In conclusion, when advised to go to Bocas Del Toro, please do not disregard the recommendation. It will be an amazing experience that is truly worth the trip!


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