My school

Tuesday was my first day of classes at Universidad Veritas. It was a stressful day getting back into the routine of classes and having class 4 hours in a row was a difficult transition for me. I have the class Intermediate Spanish Monday- Friday from 8am-12pm and a Spanish conversation and culture class on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-5pm. I think both classes with be helpful for practicing grammar, speaking, and writing and also, learning about the culture of Costa Rica. It is very tiring to talk and comprehend Spanish all day long because it is something I am not used to; however, it is great practice and will improve my skills tremendously. After class, I ate dinner, worked on homework, and relaxed.


Jess and I walking to class

Wednesday was a much easier day because I only had class from 8am-12pm. After class, we went to the supermarket and bought a lot of (American) snacks.


Lunch with friends from my university

Today, I had class most of the day. I am adjusting to living here and taking summer classes. During lunch, some friends and I went downtown San José. We ate at a festive local restaurant called, Nuestra Tierra. I had chicken rice with corn, french fries, and a piña colada. After, we went to the flea market to look for souvenirs. It is easy to get downtown from my university because you can take a taxi for about $2. The food is more expensive here than I expected, a meal for lunch is around $13. Tonight, Jess and I are taking a Latin dance class at the university, and I am happy I get to continue doing what I love in another country.


Lunch at the Nuevo Tierra Restaurant

Tomorrow, I will be traveling to Manuel Antonio National Park for the weekend with the other students in my program. I am excited to have a relaxing weekend after this week and see the natural beauty of Costa Rica.

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