Words cannot even describe Manuel Antonio. The foliage itself was incredible. Walking into the park feels like you entered a tropical forest undisturbed by mankind. You’re surrounded by a canopy of trees and various animals calling out to one another.

Our tour guide, Frank, was able to spot animals high up in trees or camouflaged by the nature and point them out to us. We were able to see bats, iguanas, and crabs from feet away using binoculars set up at just the right angle. We also saw all 3 different types of monkeys the live in the park, raccoon (not the ones found in America), as well as the 2 different types of sloths. At the beach, monkeys show no fear and interact only inches away from the people. However, they have a tendency to steal your belongings if you get too close or don’t pay enough attention to your stuff.

The beaches were also incredible. The sandy white beaches were so smooth and pristine you wouldn’t want to leave. The beaches were border by rocks and coves, only adding to the raw beauty of the place. You could see various islands and rock formations in the distance of the large open ocean. It also a lot warmer than you’d expect but just the right temperature to cool off from the hike and hot Costa Rican sun.

Manuel Antonio National Park is just an amazing location and by far my favorite place in Costa Rica thus far. The nature was incredible, the animals were adorable and the beaches were to die for. It’s no wonder why this park was one of Forbes top picks.



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