Puerto Viejo is a small reggae village which captures the eccentric side of Costa Rica. I recently was able to spend a few days in this paradise on Earth and was able to discover the laidback nature of the place and its people. Puerto Viejo offered me a diverse nightlife experience, snorkeling, nature trails, bike riding and, most appealing to myself, incredibly clear Caribbean water. The nightlife of Costa Rica is very different from any I have ever experienced; each hot spot offered different music, different types of people, and a variation in entertainment. From karaoke and swing sets to fire dancers the options are wide spread. In addition to an exciting nightlife experience, visting Puerto Viejo paradise1offered me the chance to snorkel in the beautiful clear water above coral reefs and other marine wildlife of Cahuita. This opportunity was the experience of a life time and pushed me outside my comfort zone as water is not my strong suit—don’t worry, the flippers help if you can’t swim very well. After snorkeling my group and I were able to take a walk in the jungle lining Cahuita’s beach. While walking we were able to see sloths, huge butterflies, and monkeys who had snatched some tourist’s potato chips. On the last day of being in Puerto Viejo I was able to rent bikes with a few friends for extremely little money. The bikes easily took us the length and more of Viejo’s beautiful beaches. My favorite part of Puerto Viejo, despite all of its attractions, was simply laying on the beach or wading through the perfectly clear waters. I had never before seen water as clear as the Caribbean offered and was in aw of its beauty. The beach also offered the perfect location to watch paradise2the incredible sunrises the location had to offer– vivid yellow, orange, and yellow flooded the horizon. Although the water of the Caribbean was by far by favorite part of Puerto Viejo, it was the small things that made my stay there feel the best; the people were always smiling and helping me along with my Spanish to ask the right questions, their were sweet stray dogs that would trot alongside you as you explored, their were hammocks hung throughout the village where you could take a nap or just sit and talk with friends, and lets not forget the amazing local cuisine to be consumed. The experience in Puerto Viejo was so incredible that many of us decided that we would make it a return destination for years to come.

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