While staying at Veritas you may find yourself hungry. You may think where should I eat? Well I’ve got some places for you. The Veritas Campus and places near Veritas have many different options for you to choose from. When I was staying at Veritas I found many tasty, and reasonably inexpensive places to eat. My Tico family feeds me breakfast and dinner but I had to find places to go for lunch, don’t worry it’s not hard there are many places to eat super close to Veritas.

The first day I had lunch at Café La Musa Confusa. It was very good. We went with our whole study abroad group 11 people so the service at our table was a little slow, but I think on average they get the food out pretty quick. There menu is a tad small but has a lot of good things to pick from. I ended up getting the special which was grilled fish, with rice/beans, and a salad (pictured below). I also upgraded my meal to get a natural refresco and soup. The soup was a black bean soup and it was delicious. I would definitely recommend checking this place it, it was pretty inexpensive too.


Another place to go is the pizza place right next to Veritas. You can’t miss it. You also can’t pass it up. They serve many things but their pizza is really good and super cheap! You get a slice of pizza and a drink for around 1000 colones. They have other stuff on the menu that I am dying to try. I definitely recommend getting pizza during your staying at Veritas.


Along with the many off campus places there are many places right on campus to eat as well, with authentic Costa Rican meals. A place I recommend Is the stand right out front. He serves hot dogs, hamburgers, (below) empanadas, and burritos. They are all so good, this place is a must try. The hot dogs and hamburgers have a Costa Rican twist on them and are very different from in the states but definitely good in their own way. There are also two other places on campus that are very good as well. Both, have daily lunch specials that include two or three sides and main entrée and a natural refresco. I’ve eaten at both multiple times and was never disappointed. Both, are also reasonably priced, you can expect to get two to three sides, an entrée, and a drink for around 3000 colones or six bucks.


There are many great places to eat in and around Veritas, so don’t fret you will not go hungry. While in Costa Rica make sure to try as much as the food as you can because it Is a lot different from the states. You may not like all of it but there are things worth trying! Not to mention all the food you’ll be eating with you Tico family.

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