Costa Rica is a vibrant place with many beautiful cities, beaches, and forests. As classes come to an end each week and the weekend approaches, we may find ourselves stressing as to where to venture each weekend.


This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit Manuel Antonio. On the way to the park, we stopped at the crocodile bridge and saw many crocs sitting in the water. It was an interesting site with a couple neat shops nearby. I highly recommend getting a fresh smoothie! I paid sixteen dollars to spend my next day, in the national park exploring the nature and seeing the exotic animals. Manuel Antonio is on the top twelve list of national parks in the world—so it is a must to check out while in Costa Rica. You will find monkeys, sloths, crabs, lizards, birds, and many other animals. The water is beautiful and the sand smooth; especially if you visit the less crowded side of the beaches. After spending all day swimming in the water, I found myself hiking up a trail to see a beautiful view of the ocean.


You can also venture into town after your day in the park and grab a bite to eat and shop around. I recommend the restaurant called “Burú” for a cheaper cuisine. Their large casado only costs 4500 mil for a great portion size. Because the park only allows natural foods in the park, I recommend taking smaller snacks and lots and lots of water. Oh and one other tip… you need to reapply sunscreen more than once. Trust me, my sunburn will thank you later. Yes, this burn I have may turn into a tan, but putting a shirt on in the morning is quite painful. I hope the pictures I have included further incline you to learn more about the amazing animals and beach!


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