1. If you are here anytime between May and November, you should know that it very heavily rains almost everyday
  2. You will have to go to class everyday but you are allowed a single absence. More than that and you will fail.
  3. Classes are not just 45 minutes a few times a week, classes are typically 4 hours long and everyday Monday through Friday.
  4. You shouldn’t walk around the city alone, always go with a buddy.king2
  5. Never walk around at night always take a cab or Uber. You can score free rides if you send your code to your new friends who haven’t used Uber before.
  6. Jaco is the closest beach and it is actually over an hour and a half away. Unless you were to fly, rent a car, or miss class, or only go for a very short time you can’t go to the beach during the week. This is because if you take the public bus after class you wouldn’t get to the beach until around 2 or later and the last bus comes to San Jose at between 4-5pm.
  7. The public bus is not as scary as you would think and it is very cheap to use for traveling to other cities. The bus takes a much longer time than the shuttles or flights but these will cost a little bit more.king3
  8. Hostels are abundant and can cost as low as $8 a night. Cheap hotels are also available for as low as $30 a night and often times they include free breakfast.
  9. Costa Rica is a Spanish speaking country, but English is frequently understood in the more touristy spots such as Tamarindo.
  10. You probably won’t be able to do everything you want in your short time in Costa Rica, but you will nevertheless have the time of your life if you plan around these warnings

You’ve been warned!

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