The next day from my arrival in Costa Rica, I had to attend an orientation from the program where I am studying abroad from. CEA had a whole day planed out for all of us. We went over the basic rules of Costa Rica. For example managing our money and how much things cost here. How to use the taxi here in Costa Rica and to always say “ponga la Maria” in order to know how much we will have to pay for the taxi. Instead of the taxi person telling us a false amount.

Later, during our orientation we has schedule a city tour of Downtown San Jose. Little did I know that it was going to be a walking tour? I didn’t mind because I love walking and it’s actually better to know the places in a country where you will be living for 5-weeks.


But there was something very interesting about Costa Rica’s addresses. They like their landmarks and guide themselves to go to places by them. While in the City Tour we passes a mango tree. Funny thing is that mango trees in Costa Rica are the most dangerous trees there can be. Specially the mango tree located in Alajuela, Costa Rica. Because mangos like to fall form tress and if you are not paying attention it will hurt you. And having a bump or bruise’s in your body is not nice. Also, when people ask you “uh how did you get that” and you telling them it was a mango must be very embarrassing or funny if you embrace it.

Another thing about mango trees is that if by any chance they get cut down or removed. Ticos and Ticas still use the mango tree as a landmark references. Which means it will be hard for people that didn’t know about the mango tree to find it. And again there is a lot of mango trees in Costa Rica. A survival tip that I have is that before you go to any place in the world that you haven’t been to. TO PLEASE do your research about where you are staying, how the culture is, traditions they have, and laws. Because you may never know if something form that place can be really interesting and you might want to share it to the world.

Going back to the mango trees. Costa Rica is well known for their delicious mangos. And how dangerous a mango can be. A fun fact about mangos is that all around the world they are known as the “King of Fruit” and in India a mango tree is a symbol of love and can grant wishes. If you want to life and adventurous time with a mango trees only in Costa Rica you will experience the bittersweet of a mango.

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