The Center for International Programs (CIP) at VERITAS offers a wide variety of programs of different lengths in Costa Rica that can be combined and customized for different educational needs. Programs are divided into 3 groups: Semester Programs, Summer Programs, or Short-Term Programs.

From there, you can take Intensive Spanish language Courses, Elective Courses in different major fields either in English or Spanish. We have Customized Faculty Lead Programs and Logistics Support and Internship opportunities. As well as the ability to take Integrated Studies with Costa Rican students in the Art, Design and Architecture Departments.

Our Intensive Spanish Courses last for one month, and are held in the morning from 8AM-12PM. The Elective Courses can be in English or Spanish, and range from topics such as business, art, history, health, etc. We also provided a variety of Internship opportunities. Depending on what University or program you come through, we can customized Faculty Lead Programs and the Logistics Support.